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Event Name:
Club Meeting
08/13/2020 06:30 PM PDT
08/13/2020 08:00 PM PDT
Valencia Library
23743 Valencia Blvd., Valencia, CA 91355

The Local Group Astronomy Club will hold our August monthly club meeting this Thursday, August 13 at 6:30 PM.

We'll be enjoying a presentation from our guest speaker, Stephanie Urbano: "The Dark Space Between Galaxies".

It will also be the perfect time to connect/reconnect to other members and guests!

Here is the link to this month's Zoom virtual club meeting:


Meeting ID: 210 869 6530
Password: 699869

NOTE: If you haven't already installed Zoom onto your PC or Mac, you can download the program at https://zoom.us.com. We highly suggest doing so before the meeting, to become familiarized with the log-in and viewing procedure.


6:30 PM Introduction, "Meet and Greet" and Discussion.
Please join our Zoom virtual meeting at this time to make sure your connection is working properly to enjoy the meeting, and to learn and engage in discussion with fellow club members and guests.

7:00 PM Meeting Presentation
We'll enjoy a presentation by Stephanie Urbano, a PhD student University of California in Irvine. entitled "The Dark Space Between Galaxies". Her research investigates the arena of galaxy evolution. by studying the gas surrounding them.

Galaxies are massive and beautiful objects in the sky, seemingly isolated islands in space that are home to billions of stars. However, if one adds up all the mass from the stars and gas inside galaxies, it only accounts for only 10% of the normal matter in the entire Universe! So where is the majority of normal matter in the Universe? And how do we find it? The answer is within the dim regions between galaxies: the so-called intergalactic and circumgalactic medium. In this presentation, Stephanie will tell us about these important regions and how she is studying them.

We look forward to having you join us at the meeting!

Meanwhile, Be safe, and Clear Skies!

Location Info:

The Valencia branch of the Santa Clarita Public Library.


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