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If you are a non-member please note that some areas of this site are restricted to members only, however;  feel free to check out the many public articles and public events listed on our calendar. 

For members who filled out an online membership form, login with the username and password you supplied when joining.  If we have received you membership dues, you should be able to login and have full access.

For previous members or those who filled out a paper application please follow these steps:

  • Click on the member-login link in the upper right.  You will be taken to the login page.  At the bottom of the form, click the forgot password? link.  Put in your email address and if it matches one in our database, instructions will be emailed to you allowing you to reset your password. 
  • When you assign a new password, you should be automatically logged in. 
  • At this point your username is first.last with the password you just supplied.
  • Please proceed to your account page by clicking the Update Account link in the upper right and save me a bunch of typing by filling in your account information.  You may recognize this as the same info you filled out on your membership application. 
  • You can also change your username, email, and password there as well. 
  • The username and email must be unique among all our members.