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July 10th, 2021 Vasquez Rocks! Join us for our next Star Party! Main 2021-07-05 Flynn
Observing the Sun Ever wondered how the Sun would look in a time lapse? Solar 2017-10-30 Tang
Exploring the Galaxy in 3D - Astronomy 2017-10-15 Tang
Solar Eclipse Event - Events 2017-08-19 Tang
Stay Safe During the Solar Eclipse A few things about staying stay during the Solar Eclipse. Astronomy 2017-07-18 Tang
Before you buy a Telescope A look at getting into the hobby. Information 2017-06-27 Tang
John Dobson - How to build a Telescope A lot of you may have already seen this video but it's always good to introduce new people to old videos. John Dobson (maker of the Dobsonian Telescope) shows how ... Telescopes 2017-03-23 Tang
NASA to Host News Conference on Discovery Beyond Our Solar System NASA will hold a news conference at 1 p.m. EST Wednesday, Feb. 22, to present new findings on planets that orbit stars other than our sun, known as exoplanets. The ... News 2017-02-20 Tang
Schlieren Test Making the invisible visible! Astronomy 2017-02-07 Tang
Choosing the Right Telescope Looking to buy a telescope and feel a little lost? Daniel Mounsey at Woodland Hills Telescope takes you on a humorous look into which telescope to look at. Astronomy 2016-12-23 Tang
What's Up for December 2016 - NASA JPL See Mercury, Venus and Mars all month long and a New Year’s Eve comet. With some luck, you may catch some Geminid and Ursid meteors, too. Catch up on all ... Astronomy 2016-12-01 Tang
A journey through the Year There are many things in life that people want to achieve. Goals, possessions, career, etc. The problem is, we all seem to want everything now. We see others excel and ... Astrophotography 2016-11-20 Tang
End of Year Party Did you miss the fun? Check out the gallery to see what you missed out. Events 2016-11-15 Tang
The Little Blue Marble On a dry lakebed in Nevada, a group of friends build the first scale model of the solar system with complete planetary orbits: a true illustration of our place in ... Videos 2016-10-23 Tang
Astronomy Day Astronomy Day 2016 Saturday October 8th from 10am - 3pm* at the Valencia Library 23743 W. Valencia Blvd., Santa Clarita, CA 91355 ... Events 2016-10-06 Tang
Celestron brings out something new Celestron releases 2 new mounts after a long period of no new products Equipment 2016-09-20 Tang
Vasquez Rocks Star Party Come and spend the evening under the stars as the LGSCV puts on a display. Saturday, October 1st 2016 Vasquez Rocks ... Events 2016-09-14 Tang
To scope or not to scope Don't own a telescope but want to take pictures of space? Before you get started, it does help if you have a camera to do it with! Astrophotography 2016-08-09 Tang
PBS Crash Course Looking to buy a Telescope? Before rushing head on, watch this quick video. Astronomy 2016-07-17 Tang
Cup of Tea anyone? The constellation Sagittarius can be seen all summer long up in the sky. So what does tea have to do with it? Astrophotography 2016-07-14 Tang
LGSCV Vasquez Rock Star Party Did you miss this event? Here's a recap of some of the things happening. Star Party 2016-07-04 Tang
Vasquez Rock Star Party - Star Party 2016-06-30 Tang
Exploring the Night Sky Depending on where you are, you can only see so much with the naked eye. Astronomy 2016-06-17 Tang
The Dark Side Do you know what this is? Celestial Bodies 2016-06-16 Tang
The Planets The days are getting longer and the Sun just doesn't seem to go down. It's summer in sunny Southern California once again. As you still outside enjoying the breeze from ... Astrophotography 2016-06-06 Tang
A brief look at Stacking A brief introduction to Stacking for astrophotography. Astrophotography 2016-05-04 Tang
Stonehurst Elementary Event Pictures from the Stonehurst Elementary Science Fair. Pictures 2016-04-22 Tang
From the Begining Experience of a person who got his first Telescope. Astrophotography 2016-04-19 Tang
Outreach at COC Outreach program at COC Events 2016-02-22 Flynn
Observing at Mt. Frazier Write-up about Mt. Frazier 2/6/2016 Events 2016-02-09 Flynn
Astronomical Events for 2016 A list of significant astronomical events for 2016 Events 2016-01-08 Flynn
Astronomy Day Re-cap of Astronomy Day. Event 2015-10-24 Flynn
Two exciting events Description of Astronomy Day and the COC Star Party Event 2015-10-14 Flynn
Supermoon Elipse Information about the supermoon eclipse. Event 2015-09-25 Flynn
White Mountains 2015 Short Description of the Local Group 2015 White Mountains camping trip. Event 2015-08-17 Flynn
Wow! What a party! Review of the Vasquez Rocks star party held on July 11th, 2015. Events 2015-07-16 Flynn
Sidewalk Astronomy at the Mall A brief description of our Sidewalk Astronomy event at the Valencia Mall. Events 2015-06-21 Flynn
Things to look at this month. A brief description of things to look at in the next month or so. Viewing 2015-04-11 Flynn
What's up for astronomy - October 2014 Significant dates in astronomy for October 2014. Notable events for stargazers are in red. Astronomy news 2014-09-30 Flynn
Calendar Updates! End of year event updates. Event 2014-09-06 Flynn
It's Official! We have been granted our 501(c)(3) status! Article 2014-06-14 Flynn
Placerita Canyon Open House A review of the Placerita Canyon Nature Center open house on May 10th, 2014. Event 2014-05-12 Flynn
DisneyToon Studios Once per year we have a private star party for the folks at DisneyToon Studios and Disney TV Animation. Event 2014-03-07 Flynn
John Dobson Dies at 98 John Dobson Dies Wednesday January 15th. News 2014-01-17 Flynn
Got a new telescope for Christmas? Did you get a new telescope for Christmas? Let us help you set it up and learn how to find things in the night sky. Telescopes 2013-12-28 Flynn
Meadows Elementary A review of the Meadows Elementary Outreach Event 11/15/2013. By Glenn Basore. Outreach 2013-11-17 Flynn
Lockwood Valley Gathering An outing at the Lockwood Valley Observing Site. Events 2013-11-03 Flynn
Vasquez Rocks Star Party Review of the 10/26/2013 Star Party at Vasquez Rocks. Events 2013-10-27 Flynn
Astronomy Day, Fall 3013 Review of Astronomy Day October 12, 2013. Events 2013-10-12 Flynn
Club Gathering at Lockwood Valley - Cancelled The club gathering for Oct. 5th, 2013 is cancelled due to high winds. Events 2013-10-05 Flynn
Membership Dues Hey folks, It's time again to renew your membership. Announcements 2013-08-18 Flynn
Milky way at Frazier Park - Astrophotography 2013-05-29 Flynn
Monthly Club Gathering Moved Monthly Club Gathering Moved to Lockwood Valley Announcements 2013-05-13 Flynn
Astronomy Day 2013 Astronomy Day 2013 (Spring) is coming up on April 20th. Events 2013-03-22 Flynn
Vasquez Rocks Star Party - Events 2012-11-21 Flynn
Astronomy Day was Great! - Events 2012-10-22 Flynn
Placerita Canyon Open House Placerita Canyon Nature Center open house write-up. Events 2012-05-13 Flynn
First Monthly Club Meeting Our First monthly club meeting was great. Here is a write-up from Jim. Events 2012-02-11 Flynn
Check out our calendar! An article about all of our new events. Announcements 2011-12-28 Flynn