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Stay Safe During the Solar Eclipse

by: Simon Tang

If you didn’t already know, we have a Solar Eclipse coming in August 21st. Most of the US will be able to enjoy views of the event, so named “The Great American Eclipse”. But before you run out into the streets to watch this amazing event. Here are a few safety observation tips to take into consideration.

  1. Don’t Look at the Sun Direct without Protection.

Amazingly, your sunglasses do little to protect your eyes. In fact, most sunglasses offer no protection what so ever other than dimming down the light. Make sure you have the correct solar filter glasses/shades when viewing the sun. Inspect your filter to make sure there are no pinholes, cracks or tears. If in doubt, get another pair, after all, you only have one pair of eyes!

  1. Sun Protection for your body.

Now this may seem a little odd but if you are here in California, or anywhere else for that matter, sunblock is vital. Before the eclipse itself, you are still standing in the full blast of the Sun, and you can easily get burnt. Make sure you cover up and use sunblock, otherwise you will be leaving the solar eclipse looking like a boiled lobster!

  1. Make sure you are in a safe spot.

You wouldn’t believe how many people will stop and stand in the middle of a road or on the edge of something and look up without paying attention. Don’t believe me? Wait till you’re out on the road and watch how many people stick their heads out of the car while driving!

  1. Binocular Telescope BBQ

All jokes aside on this title, don’t be stupid and use a telescope without the correct filter. Filter size and fitting is vital. The last thing you need is that filter falling off because someone or yourself, bumps the telescope or your binoculars while viewing. It doesn’t any time for you to go blind! Before using your bino or scope, check to make sure that the filter is firmly attached. If using binoculars, simply wave them around and make sure they don’t fall off. As for a telescope, simply nudge, slew, bump and tap on it to see if the filter wobbles around. If it does, tap it down!

  1. Supervise all children

If you are view with kids, make sure they do not stare at the sun. There are other indirect methods to view the eclipse including projection techniques or even video based systems where they can simply watch a screen.

  1. Know the timing

For those lucky enough to get the perfect spot and want to take photos and videos when totality occurs, make sure you know when it starts and when it ends. Different areas experience different timings of totality. Some might get as much as 2m30s and others might only get 1m30s. Make sure you double check the times and set a stop watch with an alarm. You must get that filter back on before the diamond ring shows up before and after. A safety tip is to wait at least 10 seconds before removing the filter.

  1. Common Sense

Nothing beats common sense. If it looks stupid, sounds stupid, it must be stupid. Don’t do it! Observing the Sun always requires special filters, telescopes, equipment.


We hope everyone has a safe time while viewing the Great American Eclipse no matter where you are. Your health and safety is paramount and we want everyone to experience this event and be safe.

If you don’t have anywhere to go and would like to join in the fun, check back at our website for more information in regard to events happening with the LGSCV.

Stay Safe!

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