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Welcome to the Local Group

Welcome to the Local Group Astronomy Club of Santa Clarita, California.

Those of you visiting from the general public can access many of the features here.  All public events, articles and newsletters should be accessible to you.  When you decide to join us, the rest of the features will open up to you.  You can apply for membership right here by clicking the sign-up link in the upper right.

10/23/2016 - The Little Blue Marble by: Simon Tang

To Scale: The Solar System from Wylie Overstreet on Vimeo.

This short movie by Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh shows the planets in our solar system and the orbits to scale.

It truely is amazing to stand back and take a moment to see how the world, and even the universe works.

Alex Rowe Gorosh would have been a great ship captain. Beyond his ability to acquire technical skills, Alex is a hard worker, a good listener and a solid leader. Morale would remain high, even in uncharted territories and stormy seas. 

Alex would have been a great captain but instead he channels his leadership skills into filmmaking expeditions. Along with an eye for stunning imagery and an ear for storytelling, he brings compassion and commitment to every project.

Wylie Overstreet is  a writer and makes films about nature and science, and how our growing understanding of the cosmos continues to transform both our civilization and our deepest notions of who we are. Wylie believe this understanding is the greatest achievement of humankind, and our future now depends squarely upon whether we nurture and heed it. 

10/06/2016 - Astronomy Day by: Simon Tang

The Local Group in association with the City of Santa Clarita Public Library Presents...

Astronomy Day 2016
Saturday October 8th from 10am - 3pm

Stargazing in the evening in ... more

09/20/2016 - Celestron brings out something new by: Simon Tang


When buying a telescope the most important thing isn't the telescope itself but what you put it on. After many years of being dormant with no real new products, Celestron has dropped a bomb with 2 new ... more

09/14/2016 - Vasquez Rocks Star Party by: Simon Tang

Vasquez Rocks Star Party

Come and spend the evening under the stars as the LGSCV puts on a display.

Saturday, October 1st 2016

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area ... more

08/09/2016 - To scope or not to scope by: Simon Tang

Have you ever looked up and wondered what is up there? Maybe take a picture or two.

Astronomy doesn't always have to be about owning a telescope. You can still do a lot with just a pair ... more